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Syrian Kurds face bleakest winter 

The Irish Times (03/20)

Syrian Kurds, who fled Turkish bombing last year, adjust to life in an Iraqi camp. Mercenaries have looted, burned and confiscated properties back home. They know they’re never going back.


‘We are only 1,000, but we fight like 10,000.’ 

The Irish Times (12/19)

In the hills of northern Iraq, I meet showman general Hussein Yazdanpanah, whose Iranian Kurdish fighters are fighting against a resurgent Islamic State and the Tehran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militias.


The best weapon against war in Iraq is a waistcoat

The Irish Times (10/19)

For the dapper young men at Mr Erbil, style is survival. In their emporium of hip, espressos are sipped and style flaunted as chaos and menace swirl outside. No talk of religion or politics permitted.


‘You live with these men as a slave. It’s free for them to do anything’

The Irish Times (10/19)

Naveen Rasho endured five years of hell at the hands of Islamic State. She survived the fall of the caliphate in Baghuz, only to face the fresh horror of detention at Al Hawl camp in Syria with her captor’s three brides.


Lives shattered, Syria’s Kurds flee to Iraq

The Irish Times (10/19)

Dependent on what she describes as a “spider’s web” of drivers and smugglers, Gulistan and her family pushed blindly through the confusion of an eight-year civil war that had recently taken yet another deadly turn.


Cherry: A life stranger than fiction

Spotlight (07/19)

Nico Walker served as an army medic in Iraq’s ‘Triangle of Death’. Returning home with severe PTSD, he turned to heroin and bank robberies. Now in prison, he has reinvented himself as a bestselling novelist.


Global Ear: Dé:Nash

The Wire (08/19)

Hungarian rapper Dé:Nash mines his country’s collective consciousness, satirising the Fidesz regime’s use of ancient legend, historical grievances and conspiracy theories to craft a new national narrative.


HUNGARY: Rapper takes on Viktor Orbán 

New Statesman (06/19)


CAMEROON: ’Licence to kill’

New Internationalist (05/19)


GUINEA BISSAU: Spirit of a narco-state

The Irish Times (4/19)


GUINEA BISSAU: Interview with president

Al Jazeera (03/19)


CAMEROON: ‘People shot without any reason’

The Irish Times (12/18)


HUNGARY: Independence withering 

The Journalist (09/18)


HUNGARY: Inside the post-truth laboratory 

New Internationalist (08/18)


PAKISTAN: Imran Khan’s victory has come at a cost

The Irish Times (07/18)


PAKISTAN: Etiquette is all in Punjab Club 

The Irish Times (07/18)


PAKISTAN: Bonded labourers fight back 

.The Irish Times (07/18)


PAKISTAN: A cricket hero closes in on power 

The Irish Times (07/18)


PAKISTAN: Imran Khan battles conspiracies in election

The Irish Times (07/18)


HUNGARY: Voters put faith in fence 

The Globe and Mail (04/18)


GUINÉE-BISSAU: Une plaque tournante

Le Point Afrique (04/18)


GUINEA BISSAU: Still a narco state?

Global Initiative (03/18)


GUINEA BISSAU: Political crisis deepens as sanctions bite

The Irish Times (03/18)


LIBERIA: African killer bees providing a living in wartorn country 

The Guardian (12/17)


LIBERIA: Philip Taylor – La politique, je l’ai dans le sang 

Le Point (12/17)


LIBERIA: Interview with George Weah

The Irish Times (10/17)


LIBERIA: Charles Taylor’s gangsta rapper son

The Irish Times (11/17)


LIBERIA: On the campaign trail with George Weah

The Irish Times (10/17)


LIBERIA: Child soldiers feel forgotten

Al Jazeera (10/17)


LIBERIA: Ballot riddled with legacy of civil conflict

The Irish Times (10/17)


GAMBIA: dictator in the family

New Statesman (02/17)


GAMBIA: La dernière photo de Yahya Jammeh

.Radio France Internationale (02/17)


GAMBIA: ‘Uncle Yahya’ set hit squad on cousins

The Irish Times (02/17)


GAMBIA: A Village mourns its most famous son

The Irish Times (02/17)


GAMBIA: Jammeh waves farewell

The Irish Times (01/17)


GAMBIA: A country with two presidents

The Irish Times (01/17)


GAMBIA: Gambians flee to Senegal fearing war

The Irish Times (01/17)


TURKEY: Trans people risk lives in Turkey

GlobalPost/PRI (12/16)


GAMBIA: Political prisoners freed

The Irish Times (12/16)


GAMBIA: Search for justice after reign of terror

Al Jazeera (12/16)


GAMBIA: Interview with Gambian president

The Irish Times (12/16)


FRANCE: Desperation stalks Paris migrant camp

The Irish Times (11/16)


FRANCE: From the ‘Jungle’ to Stalingrad

Al Jazeera (11/16)


TURKEY: Sweatshops, not schools, for refugee children

The Irish Times (10/16)


TURKEY: EU deports refugees to Turkey

Al Jazeera (04/16)


NORWAY: La prison reinventée

L’Actualité (04/16)


FRANCE: Being Muslim in France

Al Jazeera (12/15)


FRANCE: Paris attacks report

GlobalPost (11/15)


MOLDOVA: Fighting Russia’s propaganda machine

GlobalPost (08/15)


GREECE: Greece’s migration crisis

GlobalPost (07/15)


GREECE: Awkward vacationing in Athens

GlobalPost (07/15)


MOLDOVA: Between East and West

The Irish Times (06/15)


NORWAY: A prison without bars

Al Jazeera (03/15)


CANADA: Making maple syrup

BBC News (05/14)


CANADA: Prostitution laws debate

Spotlight (02/14)


CANADA: The crack-smoking mayor

BBC News (11/13)


CANADA: Quebec’s language police

BBC News (05/13)


CANADA: Natives tell of state abuse

The Irish Times (05/13)


MAURITIUS: An inside look at Mauritius

South China Morning Post (04/13)


CANADA: Native entrepreneurs

GlobalPost (03/13)


CANADA: Green image tarnished

BBC News (05/12)


CANADA: Anti-protest law in Quebec backfires

The Irish Times (05/12)


CANADA: Innus march for their identity

Christian Science Monitor (04/12)


CANADA: Innu march against Hydro-Quebec project

Toronto Star (04/12)


CANADA/US: A smuggler’s playground

GlobalPost (4/11)


CANADA: Going to the Great White North

The Irish Times (01/11)


CANADA: Rebel journalists thumb noses at magnate 

The Irish Times (11/10)


CANADA: The ‘Canadian godfather’ meets his end

GlobalPost (11/10)


MAURITIUS: Chagos people press to return home

GlobalPost (09/10)


MAURITIUS: It’s not easy living in paradise

The Globe and Mail (09/10)


CANADA: Fighting for their identity

The Irish Times (07/10)


CANADA: Apology by Canadian PM for role in tragedy

The Irish Times (06/10)


CANADA: Everyone’s a winner, but what happens after the gold rush?

The Irish Times (03/10)


CANADA: Canada gold rush in full swing

GlobalPost (03/10)


CANADA: Life in Canada’s contraband country

GlobalPost (02/10)


CANADA: The race for the North

Spotlight (09/09)


CANADA: Shifting sands of oil production 

European Voice (04/09)


CANADA: Canada’s dark secret

BBC News (02/09)


CANADA: Seventh foot washed up as mystery deepens 

The Scotsman (11/08)


CHINA: Making a growing China come clean

European Voice (07/08)


CHINA: Controlling dissent in the rubble

.European Voice (06/08)

The (Dis)United Kingdom

XR – A wake-up call for the world

Spotlight (10/19)

Was ist Britisch?

Spotlight (09/17)


The DUP’s Belfast heartland

Global Post/PRI (06/17)

Where is Britain heading?

Spotlight (06/17)


Interview with Timothy Garton Ash

Spotlight (05/17)


Britain’s Trump?

GlobalPost/PRI (06/16)


Brexit blog

Spotlight (06/16)


Island mentality

Spotlight (05/16)


Scotland post-ref

Spotlight (01/15)


Scots referendum blog

Spotlight (09/14)


L’Écosse à la veille du référendum

Radio Canada (09/14)


The morning after …

La Presse (09/14)

Orange parade in Edinburgh

Irish Times (09/14)

Scotland’s youth vote

La Presse (09/14)

Scottish artists project new confidence

Global Post (09/12)

Interview with Alex Salmond (in French)

La Presse (08/12)


Patriotes, mais pas indépendantistes

La Presse (08/12)

Faire revivre l’art écossais

La Presse (08/12)

The European Union

Navigating the EU labyrinth

Embassy Magazine (08/08)


Ready for a long, hot summer? 

European Voice (07/08)


Strong growth, but Turkey’s economy struggles too

European Voice (07/08)

Trade winds that blow in one direction 

European Voice (06/08)


EU risks backlash made in China

European Voice (06/08)


Network warrior – Daniel Pataki of the ERG 

European Voice (05/2008)


Consumer angel – Monique Goyens of BEUC

European Voice (02/08)

Climate woe fails to halt oil explorers

European Voice (11/07)


Mandelson to favour EU’s foreign factories

European Voice (10/07)


Prudent Person

European Voice (08/07)


Business booms as EU-Russia relations sink 

European Voice (08/07)

Musical backroom battles move to a bigger stage

European Voice (08/07)


McCreevy seeks to bolster economic ties with China

European Voice (05/07)


Line King – Niklas Zennström of Skype

European Voice (11/06)

The dangers of an online and paperless world

European Voice (09/06)


2007 – year zero for financial markets

European Voice (09/06)


The gas man – Wulf Bernotat of E.ON

European Voice (06/2006)


Commission told to get De Beers 

European Voice (06/06)


Going live in a mobile world

European Voice (06/06)


The Trustee – Alexei Miller of Gazprom

European Voice (05/06)


No room at the top 

European Voice (05/06)

Capitalist Pest – Josef Ackermann of Deutsche Bank

European Voice (03/06)

Metal Mogul – Britain’s richest man

European Voice (02/06)


Back, but future looks gloomy for furriers 

European Voice (02/05)


Corporate bully-boy behaviour a danger to consumers

European Voice (11/04)


The pursuit of happiness

Spotlight (04/20)

Feature on happiness in the era of the ubiquitous smiley. It’s boom time for sales of self-help books, now the fastest-growing genre in the publishing world. ONE-PAGE SAMPLE.


Books beyond borders

Spotlight (12/19)

Interview with Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher detective series, ahead of a “friendship” tour of Europe with fellow rock-star authors Ken Follett, Kate Mosse and Jojo Moyes. ONE-PAGE SAMPLE.


South London walking tour

Spotlight (03/30)

From low life to the high life. A few hundred years ago, the smelly “sarf” was known as a lawless land of loose morals, home to gambling dens, brothels and – shock horror! – theatres. SAMPLE PAGES

Bloomsbury/Holborn/Soho walking tour

Spotlight (07/19)


My home is my castle

Spotlight (05/19)

Big little screens 

Spotlight (03/19)


London walks: 5 classic sights 

Spotlight (01/19)


Elvis – still calling the tune

Spotlight (08/17)


The Banjul Brits

Vice.com (01/17)


Bucharest’s dictator tours

GlobalPost (05/15)


Travel reviews

Forbes Travel Guide (01/14)


Trouble in paradise

Noseweek South Africa (05/13)


Ancestral tongues

The Montreal Gazette (04/13)


What does it mean to be Canadian?

BBC News (05/12)


In search of Philip Marlowe

The Montreal Gazette (05/12)


Fur flies over Canada’s identity

BBC News (12/11)


Ghost towns of Alberta 

VIA Destinations (12/11)


Remembering Square Deal

The Calgary Herald (08/11)


Trekkies descend on Vulcan

GlobalPost (07/11)


Spirits of a community

The Montreal Gazette (02/11)


Holiday in Asbestos

The Guardian (05/10)


Don’t hold your breath for Asbestos to catch on

The Irish Times (05/10)


Meet the Beatlemaniac

The Montreal Gazette (05/10)


Pige: objectif monde!

Le Trente (05/10)


They’re speaking our languages 

The Montreal Gazette (01/10)


Surreal sounds of the city

The Montreal Gazette (07/09)



Hunger games

Canada’s History (08/16)


‘Illegal’ midwives on call

The Montreal Gazette (08/11)


Deadly Secret

Canada’s History (04/11)


War and peace

Police Review (07/10)


Holy rivalry over Kateri

The Montreal Gazette (03/10)




A land of rising opportunity

The Irish Times (11/10)


Mauritius: China and India invest in island 

GlobalPost (11/10)

Bored of Bonds? Try Madonna’s famous bustier

National Post (02/10)

Social network economy leaving business behind 

Toronto Star (01/10)


Law firms slash perks

Lawyers Weekly (04/09)

Aboriginal law a vibrant field

Lawyers Weekly (05/09)

No more Mr. Nice Guy

National Post (12/09)

How far will parents go to keep kids in private school? 

National Post (05/09)


To the haggler goes the spoils

National Post (05/09)


A bailout under every tree

The Montreal Gazette (12/08)

Mad about saffron 

The Montreal Gazette (12/08)

Common attacks on common enemies

European Voice (04/08)

Microsoft’s judgement day

European Voice (09/07)

Google takes a hit over data privacy 

European Voice (10/07)

Memory-lapsed chip battles 

European Voice (03/07)



Pakistan’s A-list hairdresser

Spotlight (04/19)

Liberia – Her mother’s passion

Spotlight (08/18)


Good works in Gambia

Spotlight (04/17)

Out of Dublin and into Monrovia

The Irish Times (11/17)


Scotland – He has the key

Spotlight (01/16)


Scotland – The ideas man

Spotlight (10/15)

Full marks to Foley as GAA goes to Scotland

The Irish Times (07/15)

Norway – Carving out a niche means having the best of both worlds

The Irish Times (06/15)

Oslo move a career booster

The Irish Times (03/15)

Canada – Zig-zag trajectory led to online teaching

The Irish Times (08/14)

Island life – Touria Prayag, editor of Mauritian newspaper Express Weekly

.Spotlight (9/13)

Toronto’s Irish pantry

The Irish Times (05/13)


Canada – Student rebel with a cause

BBC News (05/12)

Belfast boy becomes Montreal local legend 

The Irish Times (10/11)


Canada – Irish publican drinks to his success

The Irish Times (07/11)

Canada – How a late decision paid handsome dividends

The Irish Times (08/10)