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The Supper Club: Interviews with the UK’s top food personalities

Series of articles published in Die Zeit’s Spotlight magazine over 2021


Clare Smyth

Spotlight (11/21)

Powerhouse chef, whose restaurant, Core by Clare Smyth, is widely regarded by critics as the best in London. Clare is the first and only British female chef to hold three Michelin stars. Originally from Country Antrim, Northern Ireland, her signature dish is the world’s poshest potato.


Laura McNee

Spotlight (10/21)

Scotland’s hottest food talent. McNee’s Cail Bruich in Glasgow was recently awarded a Michelin star. This teuchter from Dallas in northeast Scotland is creating some of the most exquisite dishes in the British Isles, using the freshest ingredients, from Isle of Skye langoustine to Exmoor caviar.


Rosie Birkett

Spotlight (09/21)

There’s something truly magical about Rosie Birkett’s writing. Such is her enthusiasm for food that you can actually sense the flavours dancing on your taste buds as you read. Her latest book, East London Food, offers a kaleidoscopic tour of the city, from the Ghanaian supper club run from a flat in Hackney to the Hai Café in Clapton.


Mark Hix

Spotlight (08/21)

This celebrated chef was forced by the pandemic to close down his fashionable London restaurants. Faced with catastrophe, his response was to ditch the city and serve the good people of his native Dorset from a food truck instead, preparing freshly caught fish bought from local fishermen, with veg from his own garden. A year on, he’s running three businesses.


Luke Selby 

Spotlight (07/21)

Rising star who trained with the Roux brothers. His doll-sized new restaurant in the heart of Chinatown is all about performance. At Evelyn’s Table, he and his two brothers cook British produce with Japanese techniques in a tiny kitchen, in front of a handful of guests.


Guillaume Glipa

Spotlight (06/21)

Pizazz on a plate, Glipa has brought cinematic verve to celeb hangouts like the Chiltern Firehouse. His new venture in Covent Garden. Louie – named after jazz great Louis Armstrong and ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV - is a very personal project, the culmination of twenty-five years’ in the restaurant world, distilling New Orleans, New York, Paris and London. 


Patrick Williams 

Spotlight (05/21)

Self-styled chef, who reached the pinnacle of London’s culinary scene, only to ditch it all for a stall at Borough Market, where he launched his mission to spread the word about the Caribbean soul food of his childhood. Williams is currently setting up a mentoring scheme for disadvantaged teens in North London. 


Calum Franklin 

Spotlight (04/21)

A self-described ‘pastry deviant’, this London chef has perfected the art of pie-making to the point of obsession, single-handedly reviving an archaic style of cooking that was possibly nearing extinction, given the decline of the city’s pie and mash shops. Sample his fare at The Pie Room, his eccentric Victorian kitchen in Holborn, London.

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