I’m a freelance journalist, published by the BBC, RTÉ, The Irish Times, The Guardian, Radio Canada, Le Point, La Presse and many others.


In recent times, I’ve covered stories like the aftermath of Islamic State in Iraq, the rise of Hungary’s far-right, war in Cameroon, narco-trafficking in Guinea Bissau and modern slavery in Pakistan. I also write a monthly column and culture features for Die Zeit's English-language magazine, Spotlight.

Currently based in London, I do both print and broadcast – in English and French. Contact me here.

Recent work - UK/World


From pandemic heroes to underpaid workers, UK bus drivers revolt

Al Jazeera (08/22)

In Southport, an old seaside town in the northwest of England, bus drivers congregated under a bus stop. They stood and chatted, one fiddled with a Rubik’s cube, and a couple held red flags, now three weeks into an acrimonious standoff with bus operator Arriva North West …


Britain's "summer of discontent"

RTÉ (08/22) @17.55mins


Radio report on the Britain’s “summer of discontent”. For the past month or so, as temperatures – and inflation - have risen to new highs, Britain has been rife with talk of paltry pay rises, lousy working conditions, fat cat salaries, colossal corporate profits and strikes. An almighty clash with the incoming government looms.


French election report

RTÉ (04/22) @4,43mins

Hijacked by the horrors of the war in Ukraine, dragged down by a general post-pandemic weariness, France's presidential election has been a rather humdrum affair. A sense of gloomy inevitability reigns among voters disillusioned by the politics of Emmanuel Macron, who are now being exhorted to "faire barrage", or block Marine Le Pen.


Chagos: Islanders caught in game of political football 

Spotlight (07/22)


The Chagos islanders have waged a decades-long battle with the UK to return to their homeland, which was wrangled from Mauritius in a cut-price independence deal in the 60s and leased to the US as a military base. Now, following a ruling by the UN maritime court last year, Mauritius has planted its flag on the territory. 


Paradise Lost: How Chagossian youth feel about the homeland they have never known 

Spotlight (07/22) 

VIDEO Discussion with Chagossian poet Geraldine Baptiste, who uses her art to keep the flame of her culture alive.


Yazidi women and girls still enslaved

The Irish Times (08/21)

Around 2,800 women and girls enslaved by Islamic State are still missing.

It is thought that many of those who survived may be trapped in the increasingly dangerous Al-Hawl detention camp in northeast Syria.

(Photograph: Lolav Media/Ginestra Film)

Recent work - Food

The Supper Club: Interviews with the UK’s top food personalities

Series of articles published in Die Zeit’s Spotlight magazine over 2021


Clare Smyth

Spotlight (11/21)

Powerhouse chef, whose restaurant, Core by Clare Smyth, is widely regarded by critics as the best in London. Clare is the first and only British female chef to hold three Michelin stars. Originally from Country Antrim, Northern Ireland, her signature dish is the world’s poshest potato.


Lorna McNee

Spotlight (10/21)

Scotland’s hottest food talent. McNee’s Cail Bruich in Glasgow was recently awarded a Michelin star. This teuchter from Dallas in northeast Scotland is creating some of the most exquisite dishes in the British Isles, using the freshest ingredients, from Isle of Skye langoustine to Exmoor caviar.


Rosie Birkett

Spotlight (09/21)

There’s something truly magical about Rosie Birkett’s writing. Such is her enthusiasm for food that you can actually sense the flavours dancing on your taste buds as you read. Her latest book, East London Food, offers a kaleidoscopic tour of the city, from the Ghanaian supper club run from a flat in Hackney to the Hai Café in Clapton.


Mark Hix

Spotlight (08/21)

This celebrated chef was forced by the pandemic to close down his fashionable London restaurants. Faced with catastrophe, his response was to ditch the city and serve the good people of his native Dorset from a food truck instead, preparing freshly caught fish bought from local fishermen, with veg from his own garden. A year on, he’s running three businesses.


Luke Selby 

Spotlight (07/21)

Rising star who trained with the Roux brothers. His doll-sized new restaurant in the heart of Chinatown is all about performance. At Evelyn’s Table, he and his two brothers cook British produce with Japanese techniques in a tiny kitchen, in front of a handful of guests.


Guillaume Glipa

Spotlight (06/21)

Pizazz on a plate, Glipa has brought cinematic verve to celeb hangouts like the Chiltern Firehouse. His new venture in Covent Garden. Louie – named after jazz great Louis Armstrong and ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV - is a very personal project, the culmination of twenty-five years’ in the restaurant world, distilling New Orleans, New York, Paris and London. 


Patrick Williams 

Spotlight (05/21)

Self-styled chef, who reached the pinnacle of London’s culinary scene, only to ditch it all for a stall at Borough Market, where he launched his mission to spread the word about the Caribbean soul food of his childhood. Williams is currently setting up a mentoring scheme for disadvantaged teens in North London. 


Calum Franklin 

Spotlight (04/21)

A self-described ‘pastry deviant’, this London chef has perfected the art of pie-making to the point of obsession, single-handedly reviving an archaic style of cooking that was possibly nearing extinction, given the decline of the city’s pie and mash shops. Sample his fare at The Pie Room, his eccentric Victorian kitchen in Holborn, London.

Selected from archives


Mosul’s new masters

The Irish Times (03/20)

After Isis, came the mafia. In Mosul, a jumbled assortment of Iran-backed militias, known collectively as the Hashd al-Shaabi, compete for their share of the spoils of war.


The vapers of Mosul 

BBC Radio 4 (03/20) @11.14mins

Out on the hustle with three buccaneering entrepreneurs, selling vapes in war-torn Mosul. Moslawis are born entrepreneurs. Given half the chance, they can make their city great again.


‘You live with these men as a slave. It’s free for them to do anything’

The Irish Times (10/19)

Naveen Rasho endured five years of hell at the hands of Islamic State. She survived the fall of the caliphate in Baghuz, only to face the fresh horror of detention at Al Hawl camp in Syria with her captor’s three brides.


Global Ear: Dé:Nash

The Wire (08/19)

Hungarian rapper Dé:Nash mines his country’s collective consciousness, satirising the Fidesz regime’s use of ancient legend and historical grievances to craft a new national narrative.


’Licence to kill’

New Internationalist (05/19)

Cameroon’s bloody conflict between the regime and separatist rebels has been raging nearly three years. Government forces wield their ‘licence to kill’ liberally, with utter impunity.


Interview: Guinea-Bissau’s president

Al Jazeera (03/19)

José Mário Vaz, president of Guinea-Bissau, appeals to world for help in fighting the cocaine cartels that he says are still using the fragile state as a trafficking hub.


Inside Hungary’s post-truth laboratory

New Internationalist (08/18)


Pakistan’s bonded labourers fight back

The Irish Times (07/18)


Imran Khan battles conspiracies in Pakistan election

The Irish Times (07/18)


A kilo of cocaine

BBC Radio 4 (04/18)


Making honey from Africa’s killer bees

The Guardian (12/17)


Philip Taylor – La politique, je l’ai dans le sang 

Le Point (12/17)


Interview with Liberian president George Weah

The Irish Times (10/17)


Liberia’s forgotten child soldiers

Al Jazeera (10/17)


A dictator in the family

The New Statesman (02/17)


Trans people risk lives in Turkey

GlobalPost/PRI (12/16)


Interview with Gambian president

The Irish Times (12/16)


Lunch with Boris Johnson’s Turkish cousin

The Irish Times (05/16)


Being Muslim in France

Al Jazeera (12/15)


Paris attacks report

GlobalPost (11/15)


Fighting Russia’s propaganda machine

GlobalPost (08/15)


It’s a ‘No’ from Greece (07/15)


A prison without bars

Al Jazeera (03/15)


Making maple syrup

BBC News (05/14)


The crack-smoking mayor

BBC News (11/13)


Trouble in paradise

Noseweek South Africa (05/13)


Interview with Alex Salmond

La Presse (08/12)


In search of Philip Marlowe

The Montreal Gazette (05/12)


‘Illegal’ midwives on call

The Montreal Gazette (08/11)


Canada’s contraband capital

BBC (04/11)


Deadly Secret

Canada’s History (04/11)


Spirits of a community

The Montreal Gazette (02/11)


Holiday in Asbestos

The Guardian (05/10)


Chagos people press to return home

GlobalPost (09/10)


War and peace

Police Review (07/10)


Fighting for their identity

The Irish Times (07/10)


Holy rivalry over Kateri

The Montreal Gazette (03/10)